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Liviu Mocan is one of the first of a new generation of Christian artists emerging from Eastern Europe. His work is characterized by singleness of mind and a spiritual maturity, which comes from faith that has been tested. To meet him is to know that he is a man that walks with purpose and is without guile. There is quality in both his character and his work, which reminds one of Kierkegaard's declarations that "Purity of heart is to will one thing and it is to will the good"

Mr. Mocan works in glass, metal and wood and his art could be loosely described as abstract but that does not begin to describe what he is really doing. For his abstractions are not the cleverly delineated chaos we are used to dealing with in contemporary art. Gone is all the usual compromise and decay and these are instead replaced by a dynamic tension. A tension which grows from the struggle to capture that place/truth/miracle where the Divine intersects with the mortal. In works such as Living Principle, Mocan wrestles with bronze and glass to capture something of the mystery when spirit and flesh fused and the God/man dwelt among us for a time.

James D. Stambaugh
Director Billy Graham Center Museum Wheaton, Illinois, April 1992

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